Tips to Increase the Battery Life of iOS 8 Devices

iOS 8 Devices Battery Life

iOS 8 has carried out a lot of new features to its software, still people are suffering from reduced battery issues. The updates of Apple OS have been known to create minor battery problems that are generally repaired or fixed in a quick manner with the next update. Are you seeking for ways to increase the life of your battery? Here are some of the effective ways to increase the life span of the iPhone’s battery, mentioned below:

Check The Usage Of The Battery

The first step you can do to lower down the battery is to switch of the apps that are utilizing the most. For this, you need to go to Settings, then General, then Usage and afterwards select the Battery usage. Now, select the last 7 days or 24 hours to view which apps have been consuming most of the battery of your device. Based on the situations, you can take preventive measures.


As you know that a large portion of your battery is eaten by the display, so, you need to take some preventive steps. In order to make sure that the screen is not eating a larger portion of power than it supposes to, and there are some steps you need to follow:

  • You need to swipe up from the lowest of the display to open Control Center.
  • You would see the slider above the music player that helps you in controlling the brightness. Make it reach to the minimum. You can adjust the settings for readability, based on the current situations. You can also make use of auto brightness to adjust the brightness accordingly.
  • Ensure that the screen of your device is not on longer as compared to it requires to. You can go to Settings, and then select General and afterwards Auto-Lock.
  • You can also switch off the cool parallax effect that might not be so cool while your battery is dying. You can go to Settings, then General, then Accessibility, and then Reduce Motion. Then, turn it on.

Wireless connections

The internet connections also drain the battery up to a great extent. When you are outside from your home, your mobile device will constantly be moving from LTE to 3G and also to EDGE. You need to turn off these connections, when you are going outside from your places. These settings are appeared in the Settings option. Here, you can manage the connections easily.

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