Steps to Make the Playing Video as the Desktop Background Wallpaper

VLC Media Player is one of the popular and useful media players as compared to others. If you are a big fan of this player for being one of the most used multimedia player. There are so many interesting features, you can use with this media player. The main thing about is that this media player can run incomplete or broken video file. Moreover, it provides assistance for all types of video formats devoid if installing any kind of extra codec. If you are not using it, you can give at least a try to it to see its interesting features to work  for you.

VLC Media Player

It is a feature rich media player. With this player, you can set any playing video as the background of your desktop. In short, you can say that you can make your desktop background as the animated one.

How to set video as the wallpaper with the VLC?

There are some important and easy steps, you need to follow to complete this task. Let’s start with the guide to make the running video as the background wallpaper of the desktop in an easy and quick manner. Some steps to follow are mentioned below:

  • Getting started with the process, you need to install the VLC media player and then open the player to use it.
  • The next step you need to take is to click on Tools and then Preference and afterwards Video.
  • Under the video settings option, there are so many things you need to change. There are options such as output to direct X video output or under Direct X option or direct X video Draw video output.
  • You need to place a check box on the option like Enable Wallpaper mode.
  • Last but not the least, you need to do to play and make the video as the desktop background. You have to simply save and play any kind of video
  • Afterwards, you need to right click on the display and then click on the video and the Direct X wallpaper. This is all about the process of making the playing video as the desktop background.

These are some simple steps, you need to follow for this process to be completed. Rather than these steps, you can make use of any software tool. There are so many steps available on the internet, making this task simple and quick for you. You can install any software, tool or program to do it.

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