How to Check if an Email Address is Valid and Exists

Web has given us with an unbelievable access. It has expanded the ways of getting connected within no while. At the same time, it is also true that there is highest risk of getting cheated than any others. Each of us certainly has come across with instances when they provide an email address, but it doesn’t exist even in real.

Question arises, how to know actually that the email doesn’t even exists? Each time you just can’t send a test mail. Don’t mind, we have a way, and it works with most of the accounts.

Email Exists

Sending mail doesn’t work always:

Normally, we realise a site actually doesn’t exists when our sent mail is returned back. Problem through such practice is that it takes hours of time, even more to realise this. If you want to ensure whether the site actually exists or not without sending any text, then this method can certainly work for you.

Being a geek, you can always go for checking authentication of a mail by enquiring the mail server. You get linked with the mail server through telnet, offer the mail address. If there is no such mail address exists, then you get an error.

Check the authentication on the spot:

Be greedy to ask for even simpler method. We are always there to encourage you for having such mind. Check it out!

Move to the login page of the mail service, and have it in mind for a while that you have forgotten the password. The service asks your email address, through which they can deliver you with the password recovery ways. At the instance, once you send the mail address that doesn’t even exists, then the service pretty often replies you that the specific user name or address never exists. It works with Google, Yahoo, and hotmail.

If you have Gmail Accounts:

If it’s your Gmail, or any other Google account, then go to the password recovery section, Now pick the ‘I don’t know my password’ option. Offer the email address that you want to check that is either a gmail, or any apps account. Next, go with the Continue option.

If the address given doesn’t exist, then Google replies an error, no accounts found with that email address.

There is another way available as well. You have to visit, and go for opening a new Gmail account that should be of the address you are trying to check for. If the email address exists, it replies there is already an account at this username.

In case of Outlook, Hotmail and

In these cases you have to visit, and pick the ‘I forgot my password option’. Then offer the mail address. If it doesn’t exist, it lets you know that the account doesn’t exist.

In case of Yahoo mails:

If it’s a Yahoo account, you need to visit the, and offer the yahoo mail address that you wish to verify for. Then, tap the Next button. If the account actually doesn’t exist, Yahoo replies you back that there is no such information in their database, or the site doesn’t exists.

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