3 Tools for Finding and Eradicating Duplicate Files on Your Hard Drive

Humans are too poor these days when it comes about time and storage. The industrious people of the present era are addictively dependent upon their systems. They work with the same system and get entertained as well. Result; no amount of storage seems sufficient. However, it’s true at the same time that your PC is occupied a lot by the extraneous stuffs, removing which can certainly offer you a great pleasure.

Duplicate Files

Removing Duplicate Files

One of the smartest ideas on this regard is to remove the duplicate files from your storage devices. You will get amazed to see the amount of space become available for you through the process. Here we have come up with three excellent tools those are excellent in terms of locating and removing the duplicate files from your system.


This is a thoroughly efficient duplicate file finder that goes through your whole system starting from the folders, data drives, in addition with the other systems on your network. It takes various points in to account like the name of the file, the amount of space it consumes, along the data it contains. The tool also distinguishes files in terms of size, type, and names.

This is a feature rich product. It’s suggested to get initiated with it by incorporating various folders to get scanned. You can do this going through the Options tab. Next, you need to tap on the Run button. After finishing the steps, you can go for removing the duplicate files or shifting those to any other destination.


The product has a very strict eye to finding the extras those are consuming your system memory. It detects all those duplicate pictures within your image folders. Images are the stuffs those usually get duplicated more than others, principally as we shit to a new system, recover documents, or have images in various cloud storage options.

The tool is pretty user-friendly in nature. The entire set of options for making things scanned is apparent on the main interface, and you just need to click the Scan button to make the job done.


Winmerge is another handy tool to deal with your overflowing data files making your life hectic. The tool allows users to have a comparative dig and later lets you realise the most highlighted difference between those. It becomes easier next for you to blend the text within a chosen data file.

It’s considered the most efficient in the whole line-up as it offers result in a great detail. The tool lets you know about the way two files can be related in terms of similarity. Best part here is that you can get to know about the dissimilarity, and next smoothly put the files along in an ordered manner. It has one of the most enhanced interfaces within its range that suits all level of users.  All options are too apparent on screen to ensure an easy processing. Above all, the tool can make your job done within no time, which is very important for the contemporary people.

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